EMER ITALIA Professional dust collector!

Can be used with all the equipment of dental and jewelery laboratories, with full integration into the workbench.

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Typical processing of dental and jewelery laboratories produces a large amount of dust and potentially toxic residues and powders, which need to be aspirated and filtered to prevent air diffusion.

Filtration of these powders requires the use of special vacuum cleaners, which work simultaneously with dental equipment so that they can immediately suction and eliminate any residue. Power and low noise are very important.



The professional EMER dust extraction and filtration devices are are specially developed for use in dental and jewelery laboratories. All EMER dust extraction are silent and with high efficiency motor . Your complete range of dust collector 

PV : small and portable;
BD : high capacity dry and wet&dry version;
LABÒ 1.0 : the small entry-level high performance;
LABÒ 2.0 : the standard model for integration into work bench;
LABÒ 3.0 : the top of the range with digital control on the Touch-Screen display;

The dust collector can be equipped with a EMC control for automatic start/stop .

The dust collector are available with cables and electrical plugs of the most popular international types.

Moreover , EMER can be design and develop any type of vacuum according costumer’s request’s

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