Labò 3.0

Labò 3.0, the top range of Emer dust collector, with all the features !


Labò 3.0 is the fully digital lab dust collector . Powerful performance thanks to high-efficiency motor and triple filtering system and automatic filter cleaning. Is available in bag or bagless version


Thank to the EMC control the Labò 3.0 can be connected to :
– sandblasters
– milling machines
– polishers
– micromotors


  • 3-stage filtration system - Microfiber bag, M-class cartridge filter, and exhaust HEPA filter
  • EMC control : automatic startup and shutdown system
  • High efficiency engine
  • Adjusting the suction power, from 25% to 100% at 25% steps
  • manual or automatic cleaning filter
  • High efficiency motor
  • Keyboard interface display


datasheet Labò 3.0 DS

catalog  Aspiratori 2017

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