Labò 2.0

Under bench dust collector for all professional applications: solid, efficient and reliable!


The Labò 2.0 dust collector for dental technicians is built to be the standard aspiration device in dental and jewelery laboratories. Powerful and compact, it can be used to suction powders and residues during processing, by connecting directly to the dental equipment you are using. It is available in bag or bagless version.


Labò 2.0 is designed for the installation under the work bench and for connection to the most popular device thanks to the EMC control.

The Labò 2.0 can be connected to :
– sandblasters
– milling machines
– polishers
– micromotors



datasheet Labò 2.0 EC 

datasheet Labò 2.0 ECPF

datasheet Labò 2.0 ECDP

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